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Vitality Index

Our proprietary Vitality Index (VI) provides measurable insights and powers individualized guidance that is achievable and timely to yield the greatest possible benefit given an individuals history and current state. The VI is based upon over 70 variables across five dimensions: Medical, Exercise, Nutrition, Social & Self Perception. Each variable is weighted and scored based on scientific research studies. Performance is expressed in a score between 0 and 1000 – analogous to credit scores.

Action Engine

A personalized, AI powered coach that provides achievable, timely and impactful guidance. The “right” advice at the “right” time to achieve the biggest possible impact on happiness and health given an individual’s history and current state. Enables highly personalized automated coaching on all aspects of health & happiness and facilitates nudging to drive action and adopt habits that are known to result in better outcomes.


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Frank Karbe

Frank has contributed to raising over $2.5 billion through business development, structured financings and the public capital markets, including one of the largest IPOs in the biotech industry. He has extensive management experience across broad set of functional responsibilities and a passion for building top performing organizations and finding creative ways to solve problems. Frank is a lifelong athlete with an interest in applying science and technology to help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

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Jim Nusbaum

Jim is a veteran technology entrepreneur with 30 years experience building technology oriented companies around bleeding edge science. Jim was a founder of Radiation Research Lab at Loma Linda University Medical Center. RRL developed the first FDA approved proton therapy center at Loma Linda. Jim was CTO of Prediction Company from its inception until its sale to UBS. Prediction was one of the first algorithmic trading companies and developed the first fully automated trading and investment management system. Jim has an MS in Computer Science from Duke University.

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